M & K, About Us.
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M&K, Nursing Assistant Services.

  • We are a Nursing Services &
  • A Nursing Assistant Services, Oriented company.
  • We focus on & specialize in :

  • Elderly Care,
  • Child Care,
  • Private Duties.

We are Experienced & Quality Care Givers.

We have amassed over 20 Years of Experience on record:

  • Caring For the Elderly.
  • Caring for Children.
  • Assisting with medications,
  • Dressing Wounds.
  • Making Occupied Beds.
  • Diaper Change.
  • Cleaning &
  • Bathing Them.

  • Our Staff of professionals are committed to quality. We have the expertise and dedication needed to provide you with quality care. We are professionally & Ethically committed to Quality & compassionate care. Our exceptional CareGivers reside in close proximity to the Long Island, NY area.

    Mission Statement.

    We specializes in elderly or hospice care, rehabilitation and/or convalescing care. Also care for Children & special needs children. Special bonds need to be nurtured between patient and health care provider. We Are on a mission that communicates personalized services. From diet and nutrition to personal hygiene, from timely medication schedules, to round-the-clock patient monitoring. With a determination to improve the quality of life for those we serve providing extradionary service an abundant of quality in home and hospice health care.

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